The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Several years ago, Martin Proulx attended Simon Bennett’s presentation on Game Theory and Contracting.  Martin related with interest the games that Simon used to illustrate the need for better contracting process between parties, specifically three games: The Prisoner’s Dilemma, The Pirate’s Game and The Bidding Game.  I wasn’t able to attend the event so I don’t know exactly how […]

On Acceptance Testing…

When I had an ICE car, I frequently took it to a place for oil changes.  I sometimes think about doing it myself but usually decide that Jiffy Lube would more efficiently meet my needs.  Yet I always feel a little weird about oil change places – they show a long list of things that […]


I was reading a rather long document this past week when I noticed a significant amount of redundancy. In case you haven’t ever seen this, it’s the practice of double-stating a particular idea, concept or phrase. It is usually done as a result of that idea actually being “at home” in more than one place […]
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