No doubt that you and your team have worked hard to create innovative and unique products, services and their resulting intellectual property. Let our team help protect that property with our prompt and efficient Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Service.
Our seasoned industry experts are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide your journey. We offer consultative legal services that provide valuable insights, strategy optimization, and support to help you navigate your business landscape.
It's been said that the average person makes 100 decisions before breakfast. Contracts, like decisions, are just as ubiquitous. And, frankly, they're oftentimes boring and filled with jargon, making it hard to read. This makes them dangerous - as people have just become accustomed to signing anything that is put in front of them with […]
Javanti Law is happy to provide the complimentary services of a Wake County, North Carolina Notary Public for those documents executed locally as part of the execution of a contract reviewed by our team. All other documents can be notarized for a nominal fee.